IWASA TECH can also manufacture dual lead worm gear used in high precision index.

IWASA TECH produces worm gears that have satisfactory tooth bearings and minimal transmission errors to meet the needs of customers. This can be applied to a variety of tooth forms including special tooth forms such as the Neiman profile. By utilizing TCA software uniquely developed by IWASA TECH, it is possible to design tooth bearings by simulating the transmission errors before manufacturing. Dual lead worm gears can also be manufactured, which can be used in high-precision indexing.

  • Chart for Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA)

  • Highly accurate Worm grinding by IWASA's original equipment.

  • Klingelnberg PS750 to measure the Transmission errors, Tooth bearings and Backlash

Manufacturing capacity of high accuracy worm gear [mm]

Max module

Center distance 45~500
Max worm dia Φ250
Max wheel dia Φ900
Max worm length 1200
Accuracy DIN 4~5

High Precision Dual Worm Gears

Optimum design can be achieved through the simulation of tooth bearings and transmission errors before manufacturing. This results in the production of complex worm gears with a smooth and quiet meshing motion. A major advantage to worm gear pairs is the large gear ratio in a single mesh.