IWASA TECH provides a wide range of high accurate internal gear as customers need.

IWASA TECH has successfully developed highly efficient and accurate processes from our original technologies and experiences to manufacture a variety of internal gears for usage in industrial equipment such as wind turbine and mining tracks. IWASA TECH is able to provide a wide range of highly accurate and specialized internal gears to meet customers' requirements.

  • Highly efficient rough-cutting

  • Highly accurate grinding by IWASA's original equipment

  • Gleason M&M Sigma 3000GMM 3D coordinate measuring machine pdf

Manufacturing Capacity of the ground Internal Gears

Max module

Helical angle ±30°
Max PCD Φ3000mm
Min PCD Φ300mm
Max Gear FACE WIDTH 500mm
Accuracy DIN 4~5

IWASA TECH provides a wide range of highly accurate Internal gears to meet the customers' needs.

Often used in Planetary Gear Systems, IWASA TECH can provide internal gears with high quality and high accuracy that will satisfy the specific needs of the customer. This is achieved through original IWASA TECH technology that has been innovatively engineered to gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) up to 3,000mm dia. for checking for cracking after grinding

  • Internal Gear Grinder domestically developed and sophisticately designed by IWASA TECH engineers

  • Internal Gear Gasher capable of the aggressive cutting by Carbide tools

IWASA TECH manufacturing quality Internal Gears

IWASA TECH has invested in machines focused on Internal Gear manufacturing. The applications will be varied but mainly for Wind Turbine Gear Boxes up to 3000mm diameter. IWASA TECH has specially made a production line consisting of gashing machines and grinding machines both sophisticatedly designed by IWASA TECH. This has translated into producing highly accurate internal gears that are competitive in the worldwide market in terms of price, quality and delivery time. IWASA TECH has been certified by ISO9001-2008 in 2010.

  • Inspecting the bull gear on 3D gear coordinate measuring machine

  • Gauging on the bull gear

  • Gauging on the internal gear